MT4 built-in Expert Advisor

Get algorithmic now!

Have you ever wanted to get the news into your MT4 at the speed of light, so that your terminal trades on its own?
Was it too difficult... too expensive? Did you find that autoclick systems were not effective enough for you?

This is not only a faster autoclick for MT4, it's a more sophisticated and safer way to trade.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our new integrated EA for MT4 incorporates our existing algorithmic platform by entering the trading values into your terminals, even before you can see the trading signal. Beat your broker, beat the news!

The system monitors spread, slippage and risky opening by the broker. You stay in control with optimized trailing stop depending on the trading conditions.


Multiple terminals.

The best part is that you can configure and trade with as many terminals and brokers as you want at a time! The initial is minimal. All the terminals receive the trading signal simultaneously, but each works independently, based on the trading conditions of the broker. Increase you odds of getting filled by using several brokers at the same time!

No more requotes.

If you are tired of getting a "requote" message every time you want to open a trade this is for you. The Expert Advisor will shoot your broker with hundreds of requests, while trading conditions are met.

Closing remote control.

Want to manually close the open trades by the EA? No problem.
At the time you want and with a simple click, you can close all open trades on your MT4 terminals. The automated system is more efficient than doing it manually, because the algorithm is responsible for dealing with potential requotes and closing problems that can occur.

Be dynamic.

Profit parameters, close, slippage and spreads are calculated dynamically based on the impact of the news — the deviation from expected — and trading conditions from each broker. This will maximize profits and reduce risks. The expected profits will not be the same for a trade opened at pre release price as for another opened after the initial spike.
If the broker does not execute your orders at times that are convenient to you, the EA will not try to open the trade later just to accommodate the broker's schedule. We recommend using multiple brokers to maximize profits. Regulated brokers and ECN ones are also convenient, and EA can work on both ECN and non-ECN.


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